Not everyone likes to paint, or has the time & patience!

That's where I come in. 

I'm thrilled you're here! Whether you already have a concept in mind or need some inspiration, I'm here to help bring your vision to life. Explore my Pinterest page for countless design ideas and once you've found a few that you love, reach out and share them with me. Together, we'll dive into the details of your project, refining the design if necessary, before scheduling our painting session. You're in charge of selecting the perfect paint colors to match your space, while I take care of the rest – from tape and rollers to plastic coverings. I'm truly excited about the opportunity to work together and can't wait to get started!

What design can I choose?

I'm up for a challenge - so search through Pinterest or Instagram, pick out what you want, and send it my way!  We can chat about it and make sure it's something I can do! If you need a place to start, check out my Pinterest Page.

How long does each project take?

Most projects I can do in a day.  Some will take two.  It really depends on the project itself, the size of the wall, the current wall color, etc.  I start around 9AM and will work until 4PM.  If I need to come back the next day, I will!  I always schedule myself at least two days so a project doesn't sit unfinished. 

Will you make a video for me?

Yes! I record myself the whole time on (almost) every project.  I will edit the vide down to approx. 1 minute long and share that with you, on my website and on social media. Please make sure to request a video ahead of time so I bring my iPad.

What's the price?

Because my business is young and I know it's scary trusting someone new, I'm letting you decide the price!  Once the project is complete, I will let you know how long it took.  I want you to be happy with the finished project and I have faith that people will pay me what they believe is right.  

What does Jayinary mean?

Some of my favorite people call me J, and my career life isn't quite ordinary.  So don't have an ordinary home/room/office - have a Jayinary one!

Who are you?

Thanks for asking!  You can read about me here.