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A little about me!

I love Summer days at the beach, boating, bike riding to a brewery, watching my kids play at a park, rollerblading, gardening, reading and cooking.

I grew up in small town Iowa, 20 miles in the country, riding horses, exploring the woods, swimming in ponds and playing cards. I wanted to be an artist when I grew up, to which I was told there's no money in art - that's why they call them 'starving artists'. Lol!  So I decided to be a Marine Biologist and ended up going to 4 different colleges in 4 years and graduating with a Communications degree.  Such is life. But during those years, I spent a semester in London, traveled Europe, and couch surfed.

I love those memories.

After college, I went on to work part time for Allegiant Airlines & Hilton, continuing to travel and explore the US.  When I decided it was time to "grow up", I dove into Office life and was a Legal Assistant, Surgery Scheduler, Travel Agent and an Office Manager at a Mergers & Acquisitions firm.  I expanded my vocabulary. I met awesome people, and some not-so-awesome people.  I became more empathetic. My bucket list grew.

I met my husband and started a family.  And then came 2020.

So here I am; officially kicked my "grown up" job to the curb and went back to what I always loved - art.  (On top of other fun activities - working for Hilton again & subbing at the school.)   I wouldn't have made it here without the people in my life supporting me emotionally and financially.. Thank you. 

"When in doubt, just take the next small step."

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