Meet your painter, Jessica!

In 2017 I was a full-time office bee & soon-to-be mom who was determined to have multicolored stripes in her son's nursery.  It took three nights, with the help of my mom, to finally accomplish it.  In our next two homes, I would spend entire weekends making my sons' bedrooms look the way we envisioned.  

Seriously, what working mom wants to spend her time and weekend and energy doing that??

Before I knew it, I was hired by other moms who wanted that perfect nursery or toddler room but didn't want to DIY.  My business grew out of personal referrals because... Not everyone likes to paint.  Not everyone knows where to begin.  Not everyone has the time or patience for an all-day project.


But everyone loves...  To surprise your kiddo at the end of the day with a bedroom makeover.  To make your entryway Insta-Worthy. To enjoy that first nursery where you'll spend so many hours.  To come back to your redesigned home office while you were at the office. To no longer hate the laundry room! 

If you have a project that you're daydreaming about but haven't started, it's time to reach out to me! 

Did you know?

"The human mind and body is affected by the environment we live (or work) in. A peaceful and visually appealing home setting can create a greater sense of wellbeing."

"There’s something so special about a kid’s bedroom. It’s probably the only spot in the house that’s definitively their territory – a domain decked out just for them. The joy your child will feel about their bedroom, the pride they can take in knowing it’s a space that’s inherently theirs, is an experience all kids should have – and may not ever forget."

"You’re making them feel an attachment and a support at home in their room – a place where they find safety and comfort, and a place where they can think and recharge and get a good night’s sleep."