Laundry Room Makeover

It's been an entire year, but I finally made it to the laundry room. This room drove me crazy from day one. I mean, who puts in a wire shelf so high?!? No one can reach that. And why must new builds always put in the same terrible shelving which creates A MILLION HOLES?

After a lot of Pinterest digging, I finally found some designs I wanted. I showed pictures to my dad and he spent time with me at the store picking out the right wood for the base and doing all the measuring for me.

He put the whole base together at home, and then laid it down on top of the floor. We had leftover flooring, so I put that on top of the wood, and on the front. I had to order a corner piece for the edge from the flooring company.

Our walls are Accessible Gray, so the first yellow I picked out was too light and blended in with the wall. I settled on Back to School and Kalahari Sunset. Which my mom pointed out were basically Iowa State colors! Huh, not quite what I was going for. Ha!

I started with the background, leveling lines. Then for the end half circles, I used a pencil like a protractor. I did this two handed, but took the picture with one hand so you could see! Once it was drawn, it was time for paint! I taped the top and bottom and then free handed the half circles. Oh and notice all the holes I had to fill...

After two coats dried, it was time for the little circles! My mom had different size circle sponges that I used for this step! They turned out exactly how I hoped!

I was worried about freehanding the flower, and have been eyeing this projector for awhile, so I finally bought it and tested it out. It worked OK. Not perfect, but it got the job done and I was able to trace the flower onto the wall. From there I used a Sharpie Paint Pen to draw the flower on the wall. Not sure I would recommend this pen. I thought it would be more paint based - if I messed up, I could wipe it away with some water before it dried. NOT the case. Once it's on, it's on. Where I messed up, I painted over with the red paint and leftover Accessible Gray.
But in general, the paint pen did the job I wanted, so whatever!

The room is much more pleasing these days!! (Still waiting on that corner edge piece from the flooring company!)