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Rainbow Geometric Room

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

We just moved into a new house and my 5yr old son requested a rainbow room. Our son marches to his own beat. He wears colorful clothes, loves cats and blankets, had very long hair for a few years and didn't talk until he was 3. He is uniquely himself. So he wants a rainbow room? Sure! It's just paint. If he hates it in a few years, I'll just repaint!

He picked out all the colors himself. I love Behr paint from Home Depot. It always comes out as a good consistency. For this project, since we had so many colors and only working on one wall, I bought all samples. It worked well and we had some leftovers of the darker colors. Yellow always takes more coats!

So here we go - up goes the tape! I just tore off pieces, some long, some short and threw them up on the wall. Here and there I would step back and see how it was looking. Rearranged. Made some areas bigger, some smaller. No rhyme or reason. Tried not to think too hard about it.

Once the tape was up, we measured the wall and split it into 6 even sections and marked the tape at the bottom of the wall. We used a laser which put a line up the whole wall. We stepped back and looked at where the line fell in comparison to the shapes. If the majority of the shape was on one side of the line, that's the color it got.

My mom and son helped paint. Of course 5 yr olds are suuuper helpful at getting paint everywhere! :)

We did two coats on all the colors. Yellow took three coats. Then it was the moment of truth - ripping off the tape! We tested out the blue Scotch tape, and it was a bust. The tape didn't stick well, and every line bled.

I was super frustrated and then when my son was confused why I wasn't happy, I checked myself. Took a deep breath. Reminded myself that he didn't see the bleed marks like I did. He just saw this awesome freaking wall. So that's what I focused on. And maybe one day I'll fix the lines, but probably not. It's imperfect. It has character. It's unique. And all of those words describe the little boy who loves the wall his mom and grandma painted for him!

But, reminder to self - only use Frog Tape!

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