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Patriotic Airplane Bedroom

​When we moved into our second house, every wall in the house was a dark tan. Puke. I am not a brown person at all. Thankfully my mom is a huge help!! We moved in in September and I was hosting family Christmas, so we had a deadline!

We painted the kitchen/living room a light blue.

The basemant a soft green, and each bedroom got painted gray.

Our toddler was very into airplanes, so we were changing his room from alligators to airplanes. I bought these two cute little planes from Amazon and repainted them to match his new room (1 & 2).

The lines were much easier this time around since none of them were touching. I measured and marked and used a level to create the lines. Up went the tape and then the paint! These lines took about 4-5 hours. Measuring and taping always takes so much time. Painting is fast!

He transitioned from a toddler bed into a full size bed pretty quickly in this house!

The days are long but the years are too short!

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