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Mountain Mural

​My brother had his first baby and they wanted a mountain theme for his room! I was so excited to try this out!!

I followed a picture they found online as close as I could and used a ruler to mark and keep straight lines. I’ve seen a couple different ways of doing this, but ultimately I drew all my mountains first so I could get it OK’d by the momma! The only hiccup to that was when the mountains overlapped and I had to wait for the paint to dry before being able to do the next layer like I wanted.

She bought samples of paint for the mountains, and ended up having to go back and buy one more sample size of the dark bottom color. Just too much wall for one sample sized container!

Frog tape for the win of course.

Paint from Menards.

This project took about 8 hours, but was finished in one day. Turned out AMAZING! When they moved less than a year later, I recreated the wall again with slightly different colors (less gray and more brown.)

Enjoy a video of the first room being created!

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