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Geometric Toy Room Makeover

​Monica contacted me wanting an update for her toy room. She sent me some pictures via Pinterest to show what design she was thinking.

She then sent me the color samples she liked and I got to work!

I pulled up Canva and recreated the lines she wanted using rectangles. I then color matched the samples she sent me and color coordinated the rectangles. I sent a draft, she changed some colors around and she ultimately decided on this version.

When I got to her house, I tried to use string to mark my lines, but that wasn't working they way l wanted, and I didn't want to leave a bunch of holes in her wall. I tried to start with the middle strip, but soon realized that my lines weren’t parallel and that wasn’t working either. So I took it down and started from the right side and worked my way in. Finally started making progress!!

I used a ruler to measure out 2 inches, 4, 6 or 8, whatever width I wanted the rectangles to be. Measured the whole length of the line, then connected the dots and drew the long. Went back and taped along the line.

I used the 2 inch wide yellow Frog Tape in between rectangles as the background color.

Once all the lines were drawn and taped, it was time to start painting! Yellow took three coats, all others took two.

I used small rollers and small paint brushes. I love buying rollers from the ReStore. They’re cheap and work great.

Pulling off the tape is the best part of the whole thing! There was minimal bleeding under the tape, but for what did bleed, I was able to use leftover wall paint to cover up. Easy peasy!

I was able to complete this in one day, it took about 6-7 hours. Next time will be faster now that I’ve learned how to space the lines for parallel rectangles! Learn something new each time!

Enjoy a condensed video of the whole day!

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