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Pink Flower Wedding Events Website (7).png
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Did you know they sell GLITTER paint?!

​Mandy wanted to transform her little girls room to have pink triangles and GLITTER gold lines! These were the inspiration photos she sent me. She liked the pink ombre with gold lines, and wanted to add corner triangles too.

I’ve never worked with glitter paint so I shopped a bit beforehand and we discussed the pros and cons of trying out spray paint for the lines, or just using this gold paint.

We agreed on the gold paint, which said to “match the under color to the glitter”. In my mind, gold is closest to yellow, so that’s what I suggested.

Mandy bought the paint (darker pink was the winner) and I went to work! First up - tape! I tried not to overthink and just throw tape up as I go. Then stand back and see what needs changed. We made a couple triangles a little different sizes and shapes.

She wanted some triangles to extend to the other wall, so I did that as well! I used the 2 inch Frog Tape as the lines between the triangles. Once they were all up and ready, I started painting!

One layer of pink, took a walk and then the next layer went up. On the second layer of pink, I added in white here and there to try and create a subtle ombré effect.

Then the tape came off and new tape went up once the pink was good and dry. I used yellow Frong Tape then, and taped over the triangles. To get the points clean, I used a razor to cut the tape along the lines. This took forever… but since I was working with the glitter paint, which wasn’t cheap, I didn’t want to waste it behind the triangles and risk running out.

So I painted as I tapped. I painted some yellow, then once it was dry, painted over it with the gold. And then painted another layer over it. It was looking very brown. The combo of the yellow and glitter was not working.

We thought about this and decided to the glitter on top of white paint. That turned out much better!! I was also using a black paint for the glitter paint and that was looking good too! Maybe a future project!

I tapped and painted, tapped and painted. Before I took off the tape along the top of the triangles, I traced the outline of those to know where to put the outer layer of tape. Two layers of white and the glitter took about 3 layers to get the look we were going for. Overall, it turned out amazing and Mandy’s little girl loved it! Every little girl deserves some glitter!!

This project took two days (12ish hours) due to having to tape and cut over the triangles and the mess up with the yellow paint. Again, I learn something new every time!

Enjoy a condensed video of this two day project!

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