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Pink Flower Wedding Events Website (7).png
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Alligator Baby Room

​This was my very first line painting project!! I was about 6 months pregnant and my mom asked how I wanted to paint or decorate the baby’s room. I was going with Pottery Barn Alligator theme, and loved their curtains, so I wanted to coordinate the walls with that. I found an image that had blue, red, green and white lines, and decided that's what we were going to attempt!

To make the lines, we used a level and a chalk string to make the first line. From there we painted the background white, since I had the most white lines. Then measured the widths and drew more lines.

We taped and painted lines that didn’t touch, waited for them to dry, and went back to tape over the next set of lines. The project took a few days and I’m glad I had help!! The lines turned out perfect and we were so excited to have our first little man join our family!

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