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A Rainbow for Ruby

Little Miss Ruby is a 3yr old neighbor who absolutely loves my painting videos. I love hearing that I have a fan!! :) She requested a rainbow room, so her mom contacted me and sent me this photo she found online.

I had her pick out the colors, buy sample sizes of the paint and we set a date! She ended up with all 6 colors of the rainbow, so we discussed the width of the gaps & the way she wanted it positioned on the wall.

The hardest part of the project was getting the widths similar sizes and arching across the corner the way I wanted. There was a lot of stop and go, I used string pinned into the corner baseboard to make an even arch. Then tapped, and took the tape off and tried again.. and again. Finally happy with the way it was looking, I got to painting!

Remember to number your paint, or at least remember to recite the acronym for the rainbow colors, or you'll end up doing a couple colors backwards like I did! Whoops!

The tape blead, which I knew would happen where the tape curved and wasn't flush against the wall. But they were easy fixes and gave me something to do while between coats!

Miss Ruby was very happy with her rainbow! I had to include the dog kisses in my video just for her! Enjoy the condensed video below the pictures!

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